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Mosul, the dirtiest War I've Ever Seen

Iraq Mosul

Photos from the frontlines of Mosul, and from liberated villages around where ISIS fighters have been defeated

Dutch version (PDF)
teun voeten iraq kurdistan sinjar

What ISIS left Behind

Iraq Sinjar

Architectural photography with black and white film and Hasselblad from the annihillated town of Sinjar, Iraqi Kurdistan

Online version English
teun voeten syria aleppo photography

Life in the Ruins of Aleppo

Syria Aleppo

Photo Essay taken in the devastated city of Aleppo, Syria. On the Assad government controlled side of Aleppo, daily life goes on amidst scenes of utter destruction

Online version Nederlands
teun voeten brussels architecture

Metal Fatigue

brussels architecture

Black and white architectural photography reportage, taken with the Hasselblad about the dilapidated train stations in Brussels. Symbolic for the archaic state structure of Belgium and its all pervading culture of indifference.

English version (PDF)
mexico violence teun voeten

Moordstad Juarez

mexico violence

Stark images of Juarez at night, shot for the Dutch ‘Internationale Samenwerking’ magazine

Dutch version (PDF)
congo chukudu teun voeten

Wheels of Fortune

Congo chukudu

They look like contraptions straight out of the Flinstones. But the Congolese wooden transport bike called the Chukudu is an ingenious means of transportation.

English version (PDF)
china pollution

Dust and Ashes

China Pollution

Coal mining in the most polluted place on earth. Welcome to the city of Datong, Shanxi Province.

English version (PDF)
teun voeten articles

Made in Belgium

Belgium Design

There is more to Belgium as beer, waffles and chocolate. Its eclectic yet charming design culture keeps on amazing visitors. Shot for the American design magazine ID.

English version (PDF)
teun voeten vanity fair

The Terror of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone - Liberia

In 2000 Teun Voeten went together with writer Sebastian Junger to report on the war in Sierra Leone. The article in Vanity Fair, was the first to appear in the US mainstream press to report on the blood diamonds. In 2003, Voeten and Junger reported from the frontlines of Liberia.

English version (PDF)
teun voeten articles

Already at primary school, Voeten showed an interest at journalism, being the editor at the school paper. Over the years he moved on, publishing in major outlets such as Vanity Fair and Newsweek, but in the meantime never shunning small and independent publications. Here you find a selection of his articles, photostories, reviews and more. The handwritten dispatches from the genocide in Rwanda, his notorious essay ‘Neo Vulturism in Contemporary Documentary Photography’, his latest work on Mexico, the many interviews held with Voeten over time, his much discussed opinion articles and much, much more.

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