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In 1994, Voeten started a photo reportage on the underground homeless in New York. This short project became a long story and finally evolved in a book. In 1996, ‘Tunnelmensen’ was published in Amsterdam. It appeared in an updated and translated version in 2010 in the USA.

Voeten made two photo books: ‘A Ticket To’ (1999) a dark, somber book with black and white photos from the conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. ‘Narco Estado, Drug Violence in Mexico’ is a book where color photos depict the horrible violence.

After being nearly killed by doped up child soldiers in the civil war in Sierra Leone, Voeten wrote ‘How de Body? Hope and Horror in Sierra Leone’ which appeared in the Netherlands (2000) and the USA (2002). A Chines translation is in the making.

His PhD research resulted in the academic publication ‘The Mexican Drug Violence Hybrid Warfare, Predatory Capitalism and the Logic of Cruelty’. and a Dutch journalistic book which will appear in September 2018.



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