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Voeten’s first introduction to documentary making was when he shot in 2005 additional footage on video for the award winning documentary ‘Restrep’ from Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington.

In 2010, he produced and shot for ‘Tetteroo Production’ the short doc ‘Growing up Amidst Bullets’, on the drug violence in Juárez.

Together with video artist and filmmaker Maaike Engels, they made in 2016 ‘Calais: Welcome to the Jungle’. It is a multi-layered documentary on the squalid refugee camp in Northern France where migrants are desperately trying to cross illegally to the UK. Their documentary was shown on international film festivals in Mexico City and Budapest and was screened at universities world wide to stimulate a debate on migration.
Watch the documentary on vimeo. Use password: CALAIS

The latest doc from Engels and Voeten is ‘Sacrifice’, made for Belgian Canvas TV. It focusses on rituals and killing in the Mexican drug war and features candid conservations with professional assassins.

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