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Books and Prints

If you want to purchase books and photographics you can take a look here. Your order can be shipped worldwide, and in some cases, even delivered in person.

Feel free to contact Teun Voeten with any concern and question. Every order supports Voeten’s work and is highly appreciated and will be handled with personalized care.

Print Sale & Crowd Sourcing Campaign après la lettre to support my work on the Mexican Drug Violence

As an independent PhD candidate, I financed my research myself and never received grants, stipendia, subsidies or government support. Same for the translation of my book. Basically, I stretched my financial resources to rather irresponsible levels. That is why I started a Print Sale & Crowd Sourcing Campaign Après la Lettre. During the whole month of October, you can purchase special prints for special prices. More info

Purchasing a Print

Most of my older journalistic work was shot on black and white film. From the negatives, I still make original handmade silver gelatin prints in my darkroom. Sizes are between 30/40 cm up to 40/50 cm.

The color work is mostly shot on digital camera. From the digital files, I make Archival Ink Giclée prints. This is also possible from black and white images once the negatives are scanned. Archival Ink Giclée prints are normally printed from 30/45 cm to 60/90 cm.

The architecture images are shot on medium format negative and can be made even bigger. All prints have limited editions between 15 and 35, depending on what image.

All prints are signed, numbered and come witha certificate of authenticity. Prices are between 250 and 900 USD.

Detailed Explanation (pdf)

All photos on my site are available for sale

I don’t advertise my prices on the web,If you are interested in a print, send me an email and I come back to you with a quote.

Teun Voeten

Shipping and Home Delivery

Add approximately 25 USD for shipping and handling. Some prints are already on stock, others need to be custom made, so please allow a few days till a few weeks for delivery. Orders above 1500 USD will be personally delivered in the metropolitan area of New York, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia or, when in Europe, in the metropolitan area between Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Cologne. Orders above 5000 USD will be personally delivered in Western Europe. Orders above 25.000 USD will be delivered worldwide by the artist himself with no extra charge.

Renting and Leasing

Not sure how work of art will do in your home or office? Are you thinking of buying a complete series? Renting and/or leasing is also a possibility. Typically, yearly rental rates are aprox. 15% of the purchase value.

Payments and Special Orders

Payments can be done in person upon delivery, through PayPal or by international bank transfer. Special orders, extra large sizes, large quantities, everything is possible. Reductions for multiple prints do apply. Installment payments possible. Feel free to contact Teun Voeten with any inquiry you might have.


We do not have automatic forms with tacky shopping carts and paypal buttons because we treat everyone interested as a unique individual who deserves customized service ...

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Photo Print Examples

Prints can be purchased from all my images.
Here is a sample of images that in the past have been coveted by many collectors.
printstore 01 photo print 2 photo print 3 photo print 4 photo print 5 photo print 6 photo print 7 photo print 8 photo print 09 photo print 10 photo print 11 photo print 12 photo print 13 photo print 14 photo print 15 photo print 16 photo print 17 photo print 18 photo print 19 photo print 20 photo print 21 photo print 22 photo print 23 photo print 24 photo print 25 photo print 26 photo print 27 photo print 28 photo print 29 photo print 30 photo print 31 photo print 32 photo print 33 photo print 34 photo print 35 photo print 36 photo print 37 photo print 38 photo print 39 photo print 40 photo print 41

All images on the website are low resolution images for web use only and have no relation to the actual print quality

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