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Photo Exhibitions, Assignments, Readings, Organizing an Exhibition, Workshops and Trainings, Research, Assignments, Starting a Photo Collection, Curating a Show, Voeten has done it all. And can come up with a customized event for your institution.
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All photos are protected by international copyright. Please contact Teun Voeten if you wish to publish a photo. Rates vary by usage and edition.

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Voeten speaks often at artistic, educational, social and cultural institutions and for organizations associated with law enforcement, security and international affairs. Topics include Security in the 21st Century, International Crime, Hybrid Warfare, Drug Violence, Ethical and Esthetical Dilemmas in War Photography, Migration. Fluent in English and Dutch, Spanish and French also possible. Write for availability and rates.

Schools and Social Cultural Events


The war photographs from Voeten are available as a black and white photo exhibition, 35 images already framed in 40/50 Barth frames, with captions in Dutch, English and French and if needed Spanish. An exhibition can be installed in a few hours and is a great way to introduce the theme of war and international conflict and provoke discussion with your students and professionals at your cultural or educational institution.



Over the last 20 years, Teun Voeten has organized fundraisers for a school in Sierra Leone, a homeless shelter in NY and the RISC Medical Training course for war reporters. Most of the time he sells through auctions. In total, he raised more than 70,000 USD. If you have a worthy cause, contact Teun. He can give advice and maybe donate a print ...


Voeten is not someone who just poked his head in and squeaked, "hello?" into the darkness.

Marc Singer maker of the award winning tunnel documentary "Dark Days"

Voeten is no doubt one of the most adventurous reporters in the Netherlands.

Vrij Nederland, NL
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