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From prestigious musea and universities world wide to underground galleries, from literary bars to private homes, from corporate board rooms to penitentiary centers, Teun Voeten has presented his work in diverse settings and loves to interact with a live audience, no matter where they are from…

Direct communication and exchange of ideas with people of all backgrounds is essential for his work.

Latest news

Drug from the Devil
Just released September 2022. Voeten investigates the global emergence of crystal meth. Dutch edition, US edition in preparation.

The completely updated, edited and rewritten version of my PhD study, now available for a wide audience as a Small Wars Journal / El Centro book.


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Events 2022

October 4th 2022

Brabant book launch 'Drug van de Duivel'

An surprising evening with criminologist Cyrille Fijnaut and puppet player Ferry van de Zaande

Doors open 7 pm. Event starts at 7.45 pm

Books and drinks available, free entry...

Kapel Mariengaarde, Burgemeester Damsstraat 7, Tilburg (NL)

September 28th 2022

Amsterdam book launch 'Drug van de Duivel'

After an explanation of my investigation in the world of crystal meth, there will be Q and A for 25 minutes

Doors open 7 pm. Event starts at 7.30 pm

Books and drinks available, free entry...

De Nieuwe Anita, Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam (NL)

More info

September 24th 2022

Presentation and Signing 'Drug van de Duivel' FNAC Leuven, Gent and Antwerp, Belgium

FNAC Leuven, 11 hr

FNAC Antwerpen, 14 hr

FNAC Gent, 17 hr

September 7th 2022

US Book launch 'New York, from Top to Bottom'

Book party in New York introducing my photobook that celebrates NY architecture since 1989

With many cool people from NYC...

Carlton Arms Hotel, 160 East 25th Street, 7 pm

More info

June 20th 2022

Philosphical Discussion War Photography

Discussie on War Photograhy and Susan Sontag's essay 'Regarding the Pain of Others'

With Dutch philosophers Désanne van Brederode, Daan Rovers and photog Teun Voeten

Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102, 1015 CV Amsterdam, 20.00 hr

More info

October 2021

Architectural photography exhibit Teun Voeten

Teun Voeten will have an exhibit of his architectural photography at STIMA Artcenter, Breda, Netherlands

STIMA LOODS - Tilburgseweg 219, 4817 BL Breda

Opening: October 9th, from 1 pm till 6 pm

View Catalogue

July 4th 2021

Presentation photo book 'New York. From top to bottom.'

Voeten presents and signs his latest release, a photo book produced Rotterdam based VIPS Gallery

De Fotowerkplaats, Gerrit Verboonstraat 14, 3111 GG Schiedam/Rotterdam

3-5 pm

June 23rd 2021

Literary Salon

Sharoz, an Iranian artist and activist, hosts a private literary salon with the author

By invite only, in Venice Beach (CA) Contact me if you want to come.

5- 7 pm


starting again

Due to COVID, most events were cancelled in 2020 and early 2021, but we are starting again!

Events 2020

March 11th 2020

Bullekerk, Zaandam, NL

Dwarsdenkers. An evening with rebel thinkers, poets, pornstars, writers and politicians.

Arthur van Amerongen, Fidan Ekiz, Mandy Slim, Zihni Ozdil, Martin Bosma and Teun Voeten are among the notorious guests.

7 pm


News 2019

Drug related crime research

The city of Antwerp commissioned Teun Voeten to research drug related crime.

Events 2019

November 28th 2019

Museum De Koperen Knop, Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Ethische, Esthetische en Praktische Dilemma's in de Oorlogsfotografie

8 pm

November 1st 2019

Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexican Drug Violence, the Culture of Death and the Logic of Cruelty

Auditorium, Centro Cultural de los Fronteros, UAJC. 14.00 hr

August 2nd 2019

Lloyds Bank London

Ethical and Aesthetic Dilemmas in War Photography

Lloyds Bank Place, London Wall 125, Barbican, London. 12.00 hr

Closed for general audience but if you like to attend, please send a message to Teun

June 30th 2019

Nationaal Holocaust Museum, Amsterdam

Debate: War Photography Then and Now

Plantage Middenlaan 27, Amsterdam, 12.00 hr

Hosted by author Chris Keulemans, with Giath Taha ,war photographer from Syria, Annemiek Gringold, curator Shoah for the Holocaust Museum and Teun Voeten.

More info

April 11th 2019

Rotterdam Maritiem Museum

Talk Show on Drugs in Rotterdam

with anthropologists, former criminals and law enforcement investigators. mighty interesting and super dupa cool!

More info

March 13th 2019

Ghent University (B)

Guest Lecture on my work on the Mexican Drug Violence

I will also discuss the intriguing article 'The Twin Insurgency' by Nils Gilman

Read Article

More info

March 6th, 2019

Faculty Social Sciences, Leiden University

Dr. Teun Voeten will talk about professional carreer possibilities as a Social Scientist...

Pieter De La Court Building, Leiden

More info


News 2018

PhD on Mexican Drug Violence

After 5 years of hard work, Teun Voeten finished his PhD thesis called ‘The Mexican Drug Violence Hybrid Warfare, Predatory Capitalism and the Logic of Cruelty’. So from now on, it is Dr Voeten. But friends can still call him Teun …

Events 2018

December 12th, 2018

The Future of War, Jacobi Debate

Debate between Dutch Army general Wilfred Rietdijk and Anthroplogist Dr. Teun Voeten

Nicolai Church, Utrecht, 8 pm

More info

October 27th, 2018

Brainwash Festival Amsterdam

Reading: ‘Hybrid Warfare: The Democratization of War in the 21st Century’

Frascati Theatre, zaal IV, 15.00 - 15.30. Nes 63, Amsterdam.

More info

September 20th, 2018

PhD thesis: Dr Voeten!

A gang of smart professors launched for 45 minutes a relentless attack with critical questions that I managed to counter successfully! So from now on, it is Dr Voeten. But you can still call me Teun...

Defense PhD thesis at Leiden University

Teun Voeten will defend his PhD thesis titled ‘ The Mexican Drug Violence: Hybrid Warfare, Predatory Capitalism and the Logic of Cruelty’. The defense is open to the pubic and starts at 12.30 sharp at the Academiegebouw, Rapenburg 73, Leiden, Netherlands.

Opening March 17th 2018, 4 pm

Architectural photography, Kralingen Gallery, Rotterdam

A Selection of Teun Voeten's architectural photography. Poland 1985, New York Skyscrapers 1989 till 2017, Sinjar, Kurdistan, 2016. Detroit and Charleroi, 2012 till 2016

Gashouderstraat 9, Rotterdam.


News 2017

New Documentary: Sacrifice. Rituals in the Mexican Drug War

After their Calais documentary, filmmaker and video artist Maaike Engels will again team up with Teun Voeten. This time they are working on a documentary on the Mexican Drug violence. Belgian Canvas TV invited them to make a short 7 minute doc.It will be aired April 11 on TV. The premiere screening is March 28th at the Leuven DocVille Festival. Engels and Voeten are working hard to turn the short doc in a feature lenth film.

Fundrasiser for RISC, Medical Training for War Reporters

Teun Voeten curated a photo auction on catawiki to benefit RISC. an organization founded by Sebastian Junger after his friend Tim Tetherington bled to death after a mortar attackk in Libya, 2011. RISC provides First Aid Training in War situations. With the help of Brooklyn Brewery and with an event organized by Bier and Co in Amsterdam, and with the help of 40 photographers who donated prints, we were able to make 8000 USD. Which pays for training for eight free lance reporters.

Events 2017

March 28th , 2017

Gent University

Screening and Discussion: 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.'

Film-Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, Gent, B

Evening starts at 8 pm. Open to Public

March 28th, 2017

Leuven DocVille Festival

Premiere of Canvas doc 'Sacrifice' made by Engels and Voeten

March 16th , 2017

Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam.

Screening and Discussion: 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.'

Engels and Voeten also show a short preview of their Mexico project.

Evening starts at 5.30 pm. Open to Public

February 13th 2017

Dauphine Cafe, Amsterdam

Fundraiser Risc and War Correspondents Event

Hosted by Steve Hindy from Brooklyn Breweries, NY


News 2016

Attacked in Calais

While working on their documentary on Calais, Teun Voeten and Maaike Engels were assaulted by three migrants. The video images Engels shot were put on you tube and have been seen so far by 600 K people. Dozens of media outlets world wide wrote about the attack, that has caused a wide debate on journalistic standards and migration policy.

Centennial Great War

2016 through 2018

To commorate the centennial of the Great War, Teun Voeten will partipate in many photographic, journalistic, academic and artistic activities to mark this horrible conflict that ravaged the world.

Release of 'Calais: Welcome to the Jungle'

2016 and 2017

Video artist and film makere Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten made this documentary on the refugee camp in Calais. The film is shown worldwide on festivals and universities where both directors are mostly present to engage in a discussion with the audience afterwards. Engels and Voeten showed their film at Leiden University, NL, El Paso University of Texas, Cambridge Anthropological Society, UK, Art Academy, Linz, AU, and soon at Gent University, B.

Publication of 'Narco Estado'

Voeten's latest photobook on the drug violence in Mexico was published by Lannoo, Belgium in 2012. Currently Voeten is doing a PhD disstertation on the same subject. Many events, exhibits, readings and presentations on the Mexican Drug Violence continuing to be held in 2016 all over the world.

Events 2016

November 16th, 2016

Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society.

Screening and Discussion: 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.'

8 Mill Lane, room 9, Cambridge, CB21, UK

Evening starts at 6 pm. Open to Public

October 31st, 2016.

UTEP - University of El Paso, Texas

Screening 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.

Engels and Voeten will be present to answer questions from students

Afternoon screening at 2 pm, Union Cinema, Union Building at Main Campus UTEP, El Paso, TX

October 20, 21, 22, 2016

DOCS DF. International Documentary Festival Mexico City

Screenings at Goethe Institute DF and more locations

See DOCS DF Site

Most screenings start at 7.30 pm.

September 30th, October 1st 2016.

Budapest International Documentary Festival

Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten will discuss their work on the migrant crisis in Europe.

See Festival site

Q&A with the directors

April 4 2016.

Talk and reading on 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.'

Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten will discuss their work on the migrant crisis in Europe.

Half King, 505 West 23rd Street, New York

Evening starts at 7.30 pm.

February 15th, 2016.

Screening 'Calais. Welcome to the Jungle.'

Maaike Engels and Teun Voeten present their documentary, followed by a discussion hosted by director Bahram Sadeghi. The evening is part of the Studium Generale program from Leiden University.

Kijkhuis Cinema, Vrouwenkerksteeg 10, Leiden.

Evening starts at 7.30 pm.

Sunday January 24th 2016.

Cartel Land, documenatry on Mexican Drug Violence, made by Matthew Heineman

After the screening of Cartel land, Latin America and drug violence scholars Prof. Dr. Raymaond Buve, Rutger van der Hoeven and Teun Voeten will discuss the situation in Mexico.

Kriterion Theater, Roetersstraat 170, 1018 WE Amsterdam

Evening starts at 7 pm.


Events 2015

Monday November 9th 2015.

Amsterdam premiere: Calais. Welcome to the Jungle

Teun Voeten and video artist Maaike Engels present their documentary on the jungle, the notorious refugee camp in Calais. After the presentation debate on immigration and the European refugee crisis with Prof. Paul Scheffer and Tamar de Waal.

De Balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam, near Leidscheplein.

Evening starts at 8 pm.

July and August 2015.

100 Days of Photography, Gent (B)

Photo work at Kunst in Huis presenation, Sint Pietersabdij, Gent

Tuesday March 31st 2015.

De VaartKapoen Cultural Center, Molenbeek, Brussels

Teun Voeten discusses in front of a critical political correct live audience his controversial comments on Molenbeek he made in Brussel Deze Week Magazine. Joining the discussion will be Anne Brumagne, editor in chief of BDW.

Debate starts at 6 pm. At 7.30 pm drinks...

Friday March 13th 2015.

Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

Discussion evening organized by the Dutch Association of Journalists. Theme: Photo Journalism or Propaganda?

Are photojournalists that work for the Ministry of Defence, corporate clients and NGO's crossing a line? Renown photographers Teun Voeten, Serge Ligtenberg and Inge van Mill discuss this sensitive topic.

Debate starts at 7.30 pm. At 9 pm drinks and informal brainstorming...

Events 2014

November 4th and November 6th, Holsbeek, B.

International Peace Week Holsbeek.

Photo exhibition from Voeten war photography work, to mark the centennial of the Great War.

Place: Public Library, Holsbeek, Gravnestraat 26, Kortrijk-Dutsel.

Reading: Thursday November 7th, 8 pm

November 5th, Leiden, NL.

Reading and Auction.

Reading and Auction of three fiber prints for the Benefit of the WAFKF, the Willem Alexander Children Fund.

Place: Boekhandel Kooyker, Breestraat, Leiden

Opening Night: Wednesday November 5th, 8 pm.

November 6th, Kortrijk, B.

Conference Association of Investigative Journalism.

The VVOJ, the Dutch and Belgian Association of Investigative Journalism will hold a conference. Teun Voeten will have a dialogue with award winning photographer Mashid Mohadjerin.

Place: Kortrijk

Friday, November 7th, 3 pm, see VVOJ site for details.

September 19 - 28, Brooklyn, New York

Tunnel People at PhotoVille Festival, New York

Exhibition in one container of 25 hand made fiber prints of Voeten's photo work from the underground homeless in New York.

Place: Dumbo, South of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Opening Night: Thursday September 18th.

Wednesday September 18th 2014, 12.30 - 13.45 hr

Studium Generale Eindhoven University

War correspondents Jan Eikelboom and Teun Voeten talk about the risks, difficulties and opportunities in their work.

Place: Technical University Campus, Blauwe Zaal at Auditorium, Den Dolch 2, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Info: send a mail to: studium.generale@tue.nl

Sunday March 30th 2014, 1- 7 pm

Giant Print Sale at my Studio. From 1 till 1000 euro...

After 22 years, I am moving and cleaning up my studio in Brussels. I have tons of prints, from 18/24 cm press prints, to very rare 50/60 cm handmade fiber prints. Framed and unframed.

Place: Rue Ransfort 25, 1080 Brussels

Date: Sunday March 30, from 1 pm till 7 pm.


Events 2013

Dr. Guislain Museum, Gent, Belgium, November 2013 through June 2014

War and Trauma

Group show to commemorate the upcoming centennial of the First World War. With work from, among others, James Nachtwey, Christine Spengler, Jan Garup, Eddie Adams, Don McCullin, Fernando Brito and Teun Voeten

Gent, Friday November 8th 2013, 2 pm

Reading 'The New Face of War' at the symposium 'War and Trauma'

Museum Dr. Guislain, Jozef Guislainstraat 43, 9000, Gent, Belgium. Info: 00 32 9 216 35 95

Birmingham, Detroit, October 1st 2013, 6.30

Narco Estado and Tunnel People in Detroit

Presentation at the Birmingham Schakolad Chocolate, 1728 West Maple Road, Birmingham MI 48009

Rotterdam, June 26th 2013, 8pm

Presentation Narco Estado at Club Ram Horna Talk Show

Hosted by Hans Sibarani, with guests Gabriel Kousbroek, Elfie Tromp, and Jessica Meijer. Roof Terrace Groothandelsgebouw, Rotterdam, near Central Station

Tilburg, June 28th 2013, 8pm

Presentation Narco Estado at Zomer Revue Kunstmaan

Hosted by Wim Verhoeven, with Koschka und Heimprofi, Duo Van Der Grinten, and Trio Satchoc. Halte Kunstmaan, Stedekestraat 72, Tilburg, NL

Mexico/Sinaloa Narco Estado Tour

Culiacan, Sinaloa, March 14th 2013 at 7 pm

Presentation Narco Estado

with renowned Sinaloan journalist Javier Valdez and Fernando Brito

Casa de la Cultura de la UAS (Universidad Autonomia de Sinaloa) Esquina Avenida Angel Flores y Teofilo Noris

Mexico DF, Wednesday March 20th 2013 at 7 pm

Presentation Narco Estado
Gimnasio de Arte - Alvaro Obregon 185, 3er piso, Colonia Roma. Mexico DF

Mexico DF, March 22th 2013 at 6 pm

Presentation and discussion Narco Estado
Club de Periodistas, Centro Colonial
Filomeno Mata No.8, Centro Historico, Mexico DF


New York, March 28th 2013 at 6 pm

Engines of War
War Photo Exhibit curated by Charles Dee Mitchell and Cynthia Mulcahy
with work from Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Benjamin Lowy, Eugene Richards, Anthony Suau, Christopher Morris, Teun Voeten, Lisa Barnard and others.
Gasser and Grunert Gallery,
524 West 19th Street, NYC
tel: 1-646-944-6197. Through May 4th 2013

Brussels, March 15th at 6 pm

Look this Way / Devoir de Regard
Photoexhibition Amnesty International Belgium
with work from Teun Voeten, Gael Turine, Cedric Gerbeahaye and many others
Palais de Justice, 1000 Brussels
The exhibit will be open daily till March 29th,
after which it will travel to other Belgian cities

Gent, through April 21st

Onbekende beelden, sterke verhalen - Belgen in oorlog
History of Belgium in war, as illustrated by 20 photos
Curated by Bruno De Wever, Martine Van Asch and Rudi Van Doorslaer
with work from Teun Voeten, Chris Destoop, and many others
Sint-Pietersabdij, Sint-Pietersplein 9, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Brussels, through May 2013

Pyongyang Design
Architectural photography by Teun Voeten from North Korea, 2003
Lord Byron Art Cafe
Kartuizerstraat 8, 1000 Brussels

Events 2012

Tex/Mex Narco Estado Tour

Las Cruces, NM, Tuesday December 11, 2012, 4 pm

Narco Estado Book Presentation
New Mexico State University
Center for Latin American and Border Studies,
Nason House,1070 University Ave
(Directly across FedEx Kinko's)
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Info: 575-646-6814

El Paso, Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 7 PM

Book Signing
Purple Pop Up Gallery - 210 E. Mill Street - El Paso, TX 79901

El Paso, Thursday, December 13, 2012, 6 PM

Narco Estado Book Presentation.
UTEP, The University of Texas at El Paso, - Rubin Art Center
500 West University Ave, El Paso, TX 79968

Ciudad Juarez, Friday, December 14, 2012, 7 PM

Narco Estado Book Presentation.
Bumps Trilce Cafe
Ave. Vicente Guerrero No. 4200, frente a Rio Grande Mall,
Ciudad Juarez, CH.

Europe and East Coast Narco Estado Tour

September 13 2012

Thurday September 13th 2012: Opening Photo Exhibition at BredaPhoto. Breda, NL.

September 26th 2012

Reading about 'Photographing the Narco Violence' at Leiden University, Netherlands. in conjunction with the presentation of the PhD thesis about Violence in Juarez from Dr Jorge Balderas from the Universidad Autonomia de Juarez.

Sunday September 30th 2012

Book Signing and discussion with Art Critc Edi Peeters
Bookshop from Breda Photo Festival, NL.

October 2nd 2012

Belgian Book Presentation and Debate about Drug Policy
at VillaNella, Antwerp, BE
Organized in conjunction with Dutch/Flemish Cultural House DeBuren

October 4th 2012

Presentation and discussion
at the Frontline Club, London, UK

October 6th 2012

Living Room Exhit and Book Signing
Yorkgalleries, Tennisbaanstr 72, Gent, Belgium. info: 00 32 9 329 3822

October 8th 2012

Presentation and reading
at the Half King, New York, USA

October 11th 2012

Booklaunch and reception
at the Carlton Arms, New York, USA

October 17th 2012

1 pm. Book Presentation and Discussion
at Tufts University, 550 Boston Avenue, Medford, near Boston, MA

October 20th 2012

Book presentation and Debate
at GEMAK, The Hague, NL

October 26th 2012

Book presentation and Talk
at Dag van de Fotografie, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

November 1st 2012

7 pm. Celebration Dia de los Muertos and Photo Exhibit
Artpotheek Gallery, Rue Pletinckx 60, 1000 Brussels.

November 30th 2012

7 pm. Remembrance of Six years Drug War in Mexico
Latin America House, Rue du Collège 27, 1050 Brussels

December 2012

Book presentations in El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces
Details will follow.

September 13th 2012

Opening Exhibition and Book Launch
at BredaPhoto, Breda, NL

Tex/Mex Tunnel People Tour

El Paso, Thursday, March 22, 2012, 12.00 till 1.30 pm

Tunnel People: Research Methods in Anthropology.
Doing fieldwork amongst homeless populations.
UTEP, The University of Texas at El Paso,
Department of Anthropology and Sociology
Room 205, Old Main Building
500 West University Ave, El Paso, TX 79968


El Paso, Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 10 am

Depicting War and Conflict
Ins and Outs of war Photography
EPCC, El Paso Community College
Valle Verde Campus, Building A
919 Hunter Drive, El Paso, TX 79915

Tucson, Tuesday, March 20th, 2012, 6 pm

Tunnel People
Reading and discussion.
Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee
606 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona
info: 1-520-620-1770

Dallas, Thursday, March 8, 2012, 6.30 pm

Photographing Narco Violencia
PDNB Gallery, 1202 Dragon Street, suite 103
Dallas, Texas
reception starts at 5.30 pm, talk starts at 6.30 pm

Dallas, Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 6.30 pm

Depicting War: a Methodological Approach
Southern Methodist University, Owens Art Center, Room B600
1601 Bishop (Hillcrest at Granada), Dallas, Texas, 75205

Dallas, February 18 through March 2012 2012

PDNB Gallery, Dallas
BORDERS: Groups show on Mexico, the Border and Violence
With Teun Voeten, Delilah Montoya and Jeffrey Silverthorn

Artist Reception: Feb. 18th, 5 - 8 8 PM
1202 Dragon St, suite 103, Dallas, TX
info: 214-969-1852

Cambridge, Thursday February 23rd 2012

Doing Fieldwork with the Tunnel People of New York
Cambridge University Social Anthropology Society
Cambridge, UK
info: 32 479 553 803

Harvard, Friday January 20th 2012

Reading and lecture on Tunnel People and War Photography
Fruitlands Museum
102 Prospect Hill Rd , Harvard, MA
Wayside Education Building, 6.00- 7.30 pm
info: 978-456-3924 ext. 286

Brussels, Thursday January 12th 2012

Cafee Europe
Stories from Sarajevo. A debate proposed by Zsofia Bakonyi
With, among others, Serge van Duijnhoven and Teun Voeten
Cercle de Voyageurs, Rue des Grands Carmes 18, 1000 Brussels
info: 32 2 514 39 49

Leiden, December 2011 till April 2012

Faculty of Social Sciences at Leiden University
20 Years War and Conflict Photography
Leiden University, Netherlands, Pieter de La Court Building
On through February 2012
info: 31 71 527 7295

Want to book a reading or exhibition? Contact Teun Voeten